Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you want the secrets on living a healthy life without breaking the bank??

  • Would you like to be able to create tasty, nutritious, plant-based meals without spending all your time in the kitchen?

  • Do you want a breakdown of how to eat gluten-free without compromising taste?

  • Would you like a detailed outline on how to meal prep like a boss to set yourself up to succeed in your busy week ahead?

  • Would you like to learn the badass basics of eating plant-based and gluten-free so you don’t have to research everything on your own?

  • Do you suffer from gluten and dairy allergies and you don't know where to start?

What is it?

This 14 Day Plant-based Challenge is a program setup to show you how to thrive when eating plant-based.

We get you. We know how challenging it is when you are going gluten-free or plant-based for the first time and you have NO IDEA where to start. We got you covered because we have been there before.

So let us guide you on how to navigate all things plant-based and gluten free. And if gluten free isn’t your thing, there is still space for you in this challenge.

Are you already plant-based? Great! This is still for you too. Let us share new helpful tips with you and simple recipes that don’t compromise on taste. You will receive:

- 3 recipes for each day of the challenge

- Shopping lists

- Meal preparation guide

- Tips and tricks

- Navigating Gluten Free Flours

- Vegan substitutions that we can't live without

- The HOW TO’s that will save you from crying on the kitchen floor

- Kitchen hacks

- Recipe foundations

- Vegan protein breakdown

- Much more…

The lessons will be in the format of helpful videos and pdfs taught and guided by the creator of Greens, Eggs, and Yams: Robin Browne.

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What Are You Waiting For?

About Me

Ten years ago, I was having a ton of digestive issues that had me sick, in a brain fog and depressed. It was mentally draining and exhausting knowing that what I was eating made me feel sick but not knowing what was causing it and where to turn to. I wanted to feel light, energized and whole. I knew I needed a change but didn’t know WHAT needed to change.

I ended up introducing a gluten-free and dairy-free diet (at the suggestion of a naturopath) into my life. Basically, an elimination diet and then I would slowly add things back in. But after one month I began feeling slightly better so I just stuck with how I was eating and by month three I was starting to feel like a new woman. During that time I also read the Food Revolution by John Robbins which converted me INSTANTLY to take on a plant-based way of life.

So now I was gluten-free AND plant-based. A combo that was so rare to hear about back then. Up until the Food Revolution, I was still eating meat just zero dairy and zero gluten. So here was a whole new complicated challenge for me. But the plant-based journey resonated with me and I knew how I was eating was what my body needed. So I knew I needed to stick it out.

Was it challenging? HECK YES. ten years ago, there weren’t as many resources as there are now. So I stuck to super simple and very basic foods. It took me way over a year to feel comfortable about being plant-based and gluten-free in the kitchen. I had MANY disasters in the kitchen that resulted in me crying on the kitchen floor (LITERALLY). But through these struggles, I had a few wins and I was able to slowly make way and build that confidence and knowledge about what I could eat and what my body wanted/needed.

I was able to transform from a sickly, depressed girl into a well-balanced, healthy, confident woman. Flash-forward to today, I still have flops in the kitchen but I have a ton of recipes in my back pocket that it isn’t a big deal if one thing doesn’t turn out. My plant-based knowledge has grown through readings and experiences and I’m so excited to share this knowledge in any way possible with YOU. I don’t want anyone to struggle as I did in the early days. I want you to feel set up and ready to start on your own plant-based and/or gluten-free journey with the appropriate tools you need to succeed.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome Note

    • Welcome to the 14 Day Plant Based Challenge

    • My Story

    • Mindset for the Challenge

    • Housekeeping Tips

    • Where to Find Everything in this Challenge

  • 02

    Module 1: Plant Based Staples

    • Staples

    • Grocery Store Breakdown

  • 03

    Module 2: Meal Preparation

    • Meal Preparation Tips

    • Meal Preparation Breakdown Week One

    • Meal Preparation Video Week One

  • 04

    Module 3: Recipe Foundations

    • Day 1: The HOW-TO's that will save you crying on the kitchen floor

    • Day 2: Navigating Gluten Free Flours

    • A Bonus Sweet Treat

    • Day 3: Vegan Substitutions That Are Life Changing

    • Day 4: Back to Basics: Keep it Simple, Keep it Delicious

    • Day 5: Secret Seasoning Tidbit

    • Day 8: Next Level Tricks And Kitchen Hacks

    • Day 9: Vegan Cheese- Is It Gross? Is It Worth The Mula?

    • Day 10: My Favourite Gluten Free Products That Don’t Taste Like Sawdust

    • Day 10: My Favourite Vegan Products That I Can't Live Without

  • 05

    Week Two Bundle: All the Goodies for Week 2 Prep

    • Day 6: Week Two Lowdown

    • Day 6: Week Two Meal Preparation #1

    • Day 6: Let' s Meal Prep Together

  • 06

    Module 4: Nutrition

    • Day 11: Vegan Proteins: No, It’s Not All About Tofu

    • Day 12: Substitutes For Meat That Even Meat Eaters Will Enjoy

  • 07

    Module 5: Efficiency

    • Day 13: How To Be Efficient Like Martha Stewart In The Kitchen

  • 08


    • Day 14: You Did It!

What You Will Learn

  • The basic skills needed to make delicious plant-based and gluten free meals on your own

  • How To Meal Prep Like a Boss

  • A Strong Knowledge of Vegan Substitutions

  • The Breakdown of Vegan Proteins and the Pantry Staples You Should Have

  • To build confidence in the kitchen when it comes to what gluten free flours to use

  • How to navigate grocery stores to find the ingredients you need


  • Are all the recipes gluten-free?

    Almost all the recipes are gluten-free but if not, there is always a gluten-free option available.

  • Do I have to eat completely plant-based?

    This is totally up to you! I definitely encourage it, as this challenge is only for 14 days! This challenge is here to guide you completely from the start of your week to the end. So you won't be in this alone! You will have a community to keep you accountable and to encourage you along this journey.

  • I'm already plant-based, is this challenge for me?

    HECK YES it is! This challenge goes through plant-based basics but it also tackles tips and tricks that you might not know, meal preparation strategies, vegan how-to's, the products I use on the regular and a complete e-book full of recipes for this challenge. There is a lot to benefit from in this challenge for new plant-based eaters, AND experienced ones.

  • Are there eating restrictions in this challenge?

    This challenge offers a positive and encouraging atmosphere with no guilt or judgment. So eat when you are hungry and if something doesn't sit well, listen to your body and change it up!

  • I am avoiding gluten and dairy products due to allergies, and I'm not sure what I can eat. Is this challenge right for me?

    YES! This challenge is perfect for you! It covers the basics of eating gluten free and dairy free at the beginning. But by the end, you will have a strong understanding of what you CAN eat/enjoy without it compromising on taste!

So What Are You Waiting For

If you are wanting to expand your knowledge and build a strong foundation for your own plant-based lifestyle this is the challenge for you! This challenge will keep you accountable, and set you up with the skills to continue after the 14 days are over. You will have recipes to come back to, and helpful tips and tricks to steer you in the right direction when you head off on your own!
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what people are saying about the challenge

Virginia, Kelowna, BC


“I have always been interested in a plant-based diet, especially since I found out about a lot of food allergies I have. So I thought this (14 Day Plant-Based Challenge) would be a great opportunity to learn about recipes that have been tested and tried. And it was such an eye-opening experience. Robin has packed this challenge with all the information you need. And the recipes are fabulous. It was very simple for me to modify any extra food allergies I had with all the information that was provided. ”

Lindsay, Kelowna, BC

“Who is this challenge for? I think anyone that’s trying/more aware of what they are eating. Whether they want to be more healthy or more plant-based or they want to reduce how much prepared/ pre-packaged food they are eating. And I think so many more people are trying to incorporate more plant-based meals throughout their week. Not necessarily go completely plant-based but at least have one, two or three days plant-based. But they don’t have the repertoire of recipes to do that. So this submerses you and from there you can pick your favourite (recipes) and incorporate them. ”

Stacey, Kelowna, BC

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If after the 14 days you didn't learn anything from this challenge, we offer a full money-back guarantee.